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London collaborative exhibition “BERRS” challenges male dominance in the arts and promotes healing

November 28, 2017
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ART HEALS Y’ALL, and in times like these, when it’s so easy to lose oneself in daily distraction and fake news, we need it more than ever.

Now, thanks to artist OVIE and multifaceted creative DKFASH, their event BERRS was yet another space for healing, art, and personal celebration—all under the umbrella of the diaspora.

With themes “ranging from autonomously facing one’s fate; celebrating black femininity; conquering our fears; the rawness of black love; and mental health,” this British female duo is making their mark with the ultimate collaborative project. Working to counter male dominance in the arts, BERRS—standing for Black, Essence,​ ​Riot,​ ​Root​ ​and​ ​Suffocate​—celebrates music, dance, film, poetry and spoken word contributions from across the gender spectrum. This is the representation we’ve been waiting for, and with further contributions from a “plethora” of Black British artists including R.M.​ ​Moses,​ ​Black​ ​Ballerina​ ​Eifa​ ​Shemona,​ ​the​ ​prolific​ ​SILVASTONE,​ ​as well as music from
MOBO​ ​Award​ ​Nominee​ ​DJ​ ​Juls​, it was destined to be a night to remember.

The boundary-breaking series of conceptual exhibitions took place November 25th.