DJ Lag

Trip to New York


DJ Lag


industrial meets trap in an explosive new sound out of durban, south africa created by dj lag

November 3, 2017
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He’s been proclaimed the King of Gqom, a percussion-heavy kind of house that’s exploding out of Durban, South Africa. A pioneer of the Dark Techno movement, DJ Lag’s music rides a drone bass, building up sharp percussion lines, hearkening back the old school house build it up / tear it down. On his breakthrough single “Ice Drop,” DJ Lag demonstrated himself as a master of stretching a beat to its breaking point, teasing a drop that never comes. The tension at the heart of his music is on fullest display on his new EPĀ Trip To New York, which mixes traces of industrial and trap in with the gqom beats. This music is meant for parties, so plug in your PA cab and play it loud.