Graham Walzer


Challenging culture has never been so riveting as it is with genre-defying rapper DUCKWRTH’s “an XTRA UGLY Mixtape”

November 28, 2017
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DUCKWRTH is back, and here to stay!!!

With the release of his latest project an XTRA UGLY Mixtape this West Coast creative is staking his claim in a fresh genre and running with it.

Undeniably one of this generation’s most expressive rappers, this is a performer not only using his artistry to engage, but is also one of the few actually saying something. With XTRA UGLY, DUCKWRTH tackles topics from politics to pop-culture and everything in between, somehow succeeding in making his personal anecdotes relatable on all fronts. Traveling from an explosive opening title track, to an MJ-inspired “MICHUUL.”, to an almost eerie, uptempo-ed closing with “MAN IN THE SKY”, the 13-song offering is satisfying to the extreme and leaves you wanting more.

Following his bar-setting 2016 debut album I’M UGLY, DUCKWRTH has been steadily making a name for himself through his boundary-defying brand. Challenging definitions of rap, gender, and general acceptability through his music, fashion, and overall career, this fluid project is a musically conscious journey is as relatable as it is interactive… and it just BUMPS. So go LISTEN.

A truly riveting listening experience, check out DUCKWRTH’s latest an XTRA UGLY Mixtape below!