afro-brazilian femmes’ free-spiritedness is celebrated in this vibrant editorial

October 27, 2017

Shot in São Paulo by Rio-based photographer Alexandro Adds, the VIBE das NEGRAS editorial is a celebration of the vibrancy and creativity of Afro-Brazilian femmes, their identities, and their self-expression. Inspired by their free-spiritedness and the beauty and power of our blackness, the editorial captures the inner glow of models Camila Simões and Viviane Oliveira and their impeccable swagger, styled by Dayna Molina and MUA Dri Chepezan.

“[This editorial]Reveals a little of the essence black represents and carries within,” says Adds. “We want to exalt culture, the joy and the focus of our power. Resistance is daily, permanent and conscious. Beauty, fashion and lots of history in the alleys of peripheries, ghettos and large urban centers.”

Photographer: Alexandro Adds @alexandroadds
Styling: Dayna Molina @molina.ela
Mua: Dri Chepezan @drichepezan
Models: Viviane Oliveira @__vivianeoliveira (Ford Models) and Camila Simões @camilasimoesp (Mega Models)