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upcoming black mermaid film “ten-cent daisy” spreads the wave of representation to black girls everywhere

October 27, 2017
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The latest gift to black cinema, is not only a challenge to sci-fi as a whole, but a clear offering to little brown girls everywhere.

“Ten-Cent Daisy”, directed by Lisbon Okafor, is the Black mermaid film you’ve been waiting for- bringing representation to the shores while tackling themes of pain, repression, and identity in an immigrant context. The film- 15 years in the making- follows three sisters from the Caribbean to Berkeley CA, seeking refuge after a violent act is committed against the youngest, a mermaid.

While incorporating a whimsical twist on real-world issues, “Ten-Cent Daisy” encompasses both the beauty of origin and the struggles of displacement- all while providing a platform of recognition in a white-dominated genre.

Currently raising funds on kickstarter, this film is a necessity- and now more than ever we must big-up the art that reminds us and younger generations of their relevance in the industry- and especially the art as culturally igniting and thematically intriguing as “Ten-Cent Daisy”.

With a beautiful cast, and a redemptive message, “Ten-Cent Daisy” is the film to watch: Make sure to check out their promo video below, and show your support because #Blackcinemawins!