Hardwork Movement

For The People

Neo-Soul | Hip-Hop | Alternative Soul

Hardwork Movement


escape the chaos with neo-soul/indie hip-hop collective hardwork movement’s joyous ep ‘for the people“

October 2, 2017

The Book of Hip-Hop is filled with stories of acts with legendary live shows who can’t recreate the magic on record. And vice versa. Philly’s Hardwork Movement has been getting a lot of attention for their explosive four MC attack live, but on For The People, their first record as a 9 piece, they pack all that energy into 8 songs of concentrated dopeness.
For The People by Hardwork Movement

Photo by Danny Gevirtz

Cuts like “Dance With Me,” “Spun,” and “Like This” are clear live-set killers. Lyrics range from songs of determination and struggle to lost love to racial justice, deft lines zoom from the bigger picture back down to the daily. But surprisingly, the highlights are often when the band indulges themselves and pulls off tracks that force you to lean in and listen. The round “Don’t Block the Sun” and its counterpart in the interlude “Thousand Lights of Sun” showcase a rare musicality and willingness to experiment. Both sides of the band are in full display on the closing track “Becca’s Jam.” It’s a breakup song that gives each vocalist a chance to bear their soul, with just enough twists and turns to keep you hooked.

For The People is available from Hardwork Movement’s Bandcamp now. Name your price.