My Design (P1)

Electric Blue Witch Hop



defy definition with exhilarating “electric blue witch-hop” mini-album by estère, ‘my design (p1)’

October 16, 2017
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One of New Zealand’s most exciting musicians is back! Wellington-based Estère, who defines her distinctive musical genre as “Electric Blue Witch-Hop,” has just dropped My Design (P1), the first in a 2-part album by the experimental singer and producer.

Recorded at her home studio, My Design fuses electronic music with heavy bass and drums, creating a unique juxtapositon that falls right in line with the artist’s noted passion for defying genre. With tracks as catchy as they are meaningful (“Grandmother” is an ode to the singer’s late grandmother), My Design is an immersive experience unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed.

Take a listen to the mini-album below!

My Design by Estère