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white liberals, don’t normalize fascists in your award shows. k, bye

September 19, 2017
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While the 2017 Emmys saw big wins for creatives of color, the main event wasn’t without its white bullshit. Namely the appearance and embrace of former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Spicer, a liar and whose passionate peddling of bullshit turned him into a household name.

Presumably thanks to Melissa McCarthy’s epic impersonations of Spicer’s bizarre behavior on last season of SNL, Spicey earned himself an invite to the big show. What he didn’t earn is an on-stage appearance where we all laughed at and normalized the insidious precedent Spicer set with his daily lies from the podium.

The Hollywood frivolity didn’t last long, though, and by Monday morning loads of folks were filled with regret and remorse for their lighthearted embrace of the fascist spokesperson and the seriousness of his dishonesty. Including Spicer himself.

When asked whether or not he regretted his time spent as Trump’s mouthpiece—particularly his original sin in the job aka the inauguration crowd size speech—Spicer told the “fake and failing”
New York Times, “Of course I do, absolutely.”