"Grab Twist Pull"




video premiere: post-hardcore rockers husbandry call out violence against women in “grab twist pull”

September 5, 2017
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Brooklyn rockers Husbandry newest music video “Grab Twist Pull” is a visceral response to the rape culture and the normalization of violence against women and children. Not just the dramatic subjects of a rock song, “Grab Twist Pull” aims to raise awareness about domestic violence and the frequency with which it takes place.

“One in four people I’ve crossed paths with has been sexually abused, either as a child or an adult — and that is infuriating,” lead singer Carina Zachary tells AFROPUNK.

“At the time we were writing the song, the Bill Cosby allegations were exploding and you couldn’t go anywhere without reading or hearing about it. I have my own thoughts with respect to him, but I felt it was important to write about it.”

“Both the song and video intended to give a voice to people who have suffered abuse, in its various forms. It’s meant to highlight accountability and hopefully, create a conversation to eliminate the doubts surrounding a topic as complex as sexual abuse. It is my hope that people are able to not only acknowledge that this happens on a day to day basis to women, but that it’s something that can happen to anyone, in any environment,” says Zachary.

While making the video, the band were able to observe first-hand what people really do when witnessing sexual harassment and aggressive male behavior towards women in public. Initially unaware that they were witnessing a staged scene, “So there were a few instances where bystanders tried to intervene, to help the female in the questionable situation. It was great for all of us to know that there are actually people out there willing to come to the aid of someone in trouble.

It is my hope that the song and video might serve to empower people that have been through these kinds of situations and let them know that they do not have to face it alone.”

“Grab Twist Pull” is the newest release from Husbandry’s debut album, ‘FERA’. The Brooklyn-based band plan to tour the nation this fall, keep an eye on their social media for updates.