twitter reacts to melania trump’s anti-bullying speech: “start with your (damn) husband”

September 21, 2017
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I think the Trumpian phenomenon that has caused me the most psychological distress is the Orwellian presentation and acknowledgment of facts and events as they occurred in our visible liner timeline. From Sean Spicer’s belligerent “largest inauguration ever” to Kellyanne’s “alternative facts”, and Trump’s own denials of Russian hacking. But perhaps the most embarrassing of all of these’s rebukes against reality is Melania Trump’s “anti-bullying campaign”. So far, we haven’t had to deal with listening to her speak—she’s not allowed to, normally—but this week’s UN appearance by the Trumps has afforded us a rare glimpse into the First Lady’s invisible campaign.


As humorous as the irony is of having a woman whose husband routinely wakes up and promptly abuses and harasses other people through his Twitter account feeling like she’s best qualified to lead an effort against acts she can’t even control in her own house; it’s also freakin’ scary that this administration feels no need to put up the illusion that they’re not trying to create their own version of reality and of history. And that shit isn’t going unnoticed.


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