The Great Wight

'The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life’




queer, black, and atheist, the great wight forge their own space in punk-rock

September 29, 2017
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Brooklyn-based The Great Wight’s debut album bursts open with a warm, nostalgic feel that brings me right back me right back to 2006 where I was overflowing with teenage angst, heavy eyeliner, and having scene bangs (great times, tbh). The album, ‘The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life’, is a quintessential coming-of-age album that tells the tales of “growing up a queer, black, atheist in the punk scene in the bible belt.” You might not be any of those things, but the New York-based band’s emotional honesty, strong and vulnerable confrontations of casual racism, homophobia, and alienation in a way that’s accessible to all types of audiences.

The band is made of Erik Garlington (vocals, rhythm guitar, bass, piano), Eli Watson (Drums), Dalton Gomez (lead guitar) and this is their debut album ‘The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life’:

The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life by Great Wight