petty professional email clap-backs are trending on black twitter :d “warm regards”

September 6, 2017
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Being a Black professional in an anti-Black world can be utterly exhausting. We are already seen as too angry and dangerously emotional, so asserting oneself when others try it on the job is almost always walking a thin line.

Thankfully, as twitter user @DeeRene_ illuminated last week, over centuries of finding balance in the most precarious of situations we’ve developed the quick wit and mastery of shade to easily pull off subtle professional clap-backs in hilarious style.

@DeeRene_ started by asking her followers which was their favorite professional clap-black:

She then followed up with one of my go-tos, the smuggest “your move” of digital correspondence, “please advise”:

What ensued was pure hilarity:

What you not finna do…

You tried it…

For the teachers!

Do better

But not too friendly



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