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five reasons ben carson is most definitely the inspiration behind ‘get out’

September 18, 2017
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*Spoilers, duh!*

Jordan Peele’s record breaking social thriller Get Out is the story of a Black man who visits his white girlfriend’s family’s home and after a series of far out and dangerous encounters discovers they have recruited him to take part in a project in which they place white peoples’ minds into Black bodies. It sounds wacky, but pay close enough attention to Ben Carson and you start to realize it might just be based on a true story.

Hear me out! Here are 5 reasons why it’s totally plausible that Ben Carson is quite literally stuck in the sunken place:

1. He’s a brain surgeon, so if anyone would know how to replace a brain it’s him!

Ben Carson’s biggest claim to fame is his rags-to-riches tale of becoming a brain surgeon. But that might not even be his story!

As Get Out explained, the process of putting white brains inside of Black bodies is a highly skilled surgical task. It’s completely conceivable that the white man living inside of Carson is really the surgery guru, and was integral in his own procedure for replacing Carson with himself!

2. Those glazed-ass eyes

Just look at him. The man is simply not there. There is obviously a Black person drowning in space behind those eyes, fighting to get out, but the guy who thinks Egypts pyramids were built by Joseph to store grain isn’t him.

3. Funny Or Die already documented how it could have happened:

When comedy website Funny or Die created a parody video dubbed “Get Out (of the White House),” it replaced the house owned by the white people in Get Out with the actual White House, and it makes perfect sense!:

4. There are a lot of old white people who have been conspicuously missing lately…

Where has Dick Cheney been? Bush? Those Koch brothers? There are a lot of old white racists who haven’t been accounted for.

5. Jordan Peele confirmed it

The most damning evidence that Ben Carson is in The Sunken Place is this Jordan Peele tweet posted after Ben Carson’s ridiculous comments comparing immigrants to slaves:

‘Nuff said.



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