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black queer artist intimately explores the multifaceted experiences of his community in london exhibit

September 19, 2017
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Shikeith Cathey is a Black queer artist, photographer and filmmaker whose entireportfolio is a powerful exploration of Black queer identity. His 2014 film #BlackMenDream was noted for its intimate portrayal of individual stories, and was listed by the TribeCa Film Institute as one of ten crucial films to capture Black life in contemporary America.

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His recently closed exhibit, “This is His Body / His Body Finally His” at the MAK gallery in London marks Shikeith’s first European solo show, and uncovers the multifaceted obstacles in the quest for affirming identity that queer Black men experience. Facing both anti-Black policing and the hypermasculine policing of gender, Shikeith depicts this world in a transformative way that forces reflexion.

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