wypipo, stop pretending you’re shocked by charlottesville, white nationalists are in the white house for f*ck’s sake

August 14, 2017
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Saturday’s events in Charlottesville were an example of the only type of racism White people understand: swastikas and Klansmen. “I can’t believe this is 2017!” Really? You can’t?

That’s weird because Donald Trump totally ran a campaign based on White Supremacy, did you think those were just jokes? On the campaign trail, DJT flat-out encouraged violence to his base as a strategy for dealing with those outside of it. But, now you’re surprised when his followers take that to heart? Not to mention the literal White Supremacists and Nazis that Trump has brought into the White House. Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon, and Stephen Miller aren’t there for decoration.

Outside of Trump, White Supremacy kills Black people all the time and White people have been acutely aware of that for years now (I’m being very generous). Black Lives Matter has been organizing in every corner of the country for almost three years, and just a few of their actions have included shutting down some of the busiest freeways in the country to get White people and others to pay attention to and to act on the police violence bred by White Supremacy.

The white reluctance to see the toxic ideologies that have enabled white cops to disproportionately kill Black citizens signifies the complete and utter skepticism of the Black American experiences that have been conveyed to you. There are no more excuses to be silent. We are out of time, White folks. Put on y’alls pink pussy hats and come take out your trash.


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