#thisisnotus, says man right before throwing black candidate’s resume in trash

August 15, 2017
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By Quntfront, AFROPUNK contributor

Amid recent white events this past weekend, good whites everywhere have used their platforms to promote positive whiteness in the name of #ThisIsNotUs. On Sunday, Bob spoke highly of good whites and loudly separates himself from lowly Nazis and southern white supremacists.

“It’s so horrible to see these white nationalists flaunt their hate. I need minorities to know, that’s not us. We believe in love and we love this country and every race.”

Bob is a liberal executive at one of US’s top non-partisan organizations. For privacy, we’ll call it ACLU. At ACLU, Bob is constantly speaking up for the little guys and of course, making sure people know he’s one of the good guys. Bob is currently in the process of hiring a new chairperson so that he can continue his fight for justice. While looking through resumes, Bob noticed a few ‘iffy’ candidates, one of which with a ‘funny name’  that he’d be hellbent to have to try and pronounce everyday, and the other that graduated from an HBCU, which he decided wouldn’t hold the same values of a typical good white guy. So, of course, Bob threw both these resumes in the trash.

Bob takes pride in being one of the positive role models of whiteness and is looking forward to hiring his new chairman, another good white guy, in just a few short weeks.

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