have several seats if your main concern is proving that you’re one of the “good whites”

August 14, 2017
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As the world witnessed yet another intense display of violence this weekend at the white supremacist and Nazis-hosted white hate “rally” in Charlottesville, VA., white folks wasted no time trying to distance themselves from racism and white supremacy. Operating under the hashtag #ThisIsNotUs, white people tried to skirt responsibility for the only real system of racial oppression, of which they are the sole beneficiaries of. But let me make this clear: just because you didn’t ram that car into a crowd of innocent Americans doesn’t mean you’re not part of the culture that enabled it to happen. You are.

White America voted for President Trump. White America elected a man who described all Mexicans as rapists. Who claimed the first black President illegitimate because of his brown skin. White people have sat by these last three years since Mike Brown’s death minimizing and downplaying systematic racism when it’s been right in front of their eyes.

It does not matter if you are an “actual” Nazi or not. All the conversations you were too uncomfortable to have with your white friends and family helped maintain the climate that killed Heather Heyer. All of the “All Lives Matter” bullshit. The respectability politics. The apathy. Donald J. Trump is a racist and a Nazi sympathizer. And so is every single white person who voted for him and the people who continue to support those voters. And so are the people who don’t want to call it what it is.

Enough is enough. Stop playing dumb and stop making it about you. Stand up and fight the fuck back.


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