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self-taught queer artist madam muse creates stunning works of art with her wife and kids

August 2, 2017
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Madam Muse is an LA-based self-taught visual artist who discovered her passion for painting was more than a hobby only after meeting her wife in 2012. When they were married, Muse was disowned by her family and the couple and their two children were forced into homelessness. Muse began painting to ease the ensuing depression and stress, but as explained on her website, art soon became “an obsession, and she quickly vowed to live the rest of her life as an inspiration to others, through her art.”

Soon, this inspiration took the form of Muse teaching her wife J.Muse to paint, and their daughters latched onto creating as well. Aliyah Muse is a 12 year old Makeup Artist, and Asia Muse, 15, is a Video Editor and aspiring Director. Together, the Muse family hosts the YouTube channel “Her Wife and Kids“, where they spread their life-saving love of art to the world.

Check out some of our favorite pieces by the elder Muses below!

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