oklahoma police chief is the owner of a racist website & white supremacist record label

August 28, 2017
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A newly appointed Colbert, Oklahoma police chief Bart Alsbrook was recently resigned after his ties to a white supremacist website and record label (wtf) became public.

Following a trail laid out by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map”, KXII reporter Rachel Knapp picked up on the single Texoma-based hate group website, ISD Records. A website that had filed paperwork in 2004 that was then signed by Bart Alsbrook. The same Bart Alsbrook who was recently hired as Colbert’s interim police chief. Its third chief this year.

“We called Alsbrook about that application last week. He denied he was the Bart Alsbrook behind isdrecords.com,” KXII reported. “We searched for another Bart Alsbrook and couldn’t find another person with that name in the United States.”

Within a few hours of denying that he was the same Bary Alsbrook connected to the neo-nazi website, the site itself went offline. “When we called him back to ask him about it, Alsbrook claimed a group of skinheads stole his wallet and began using his name after a fight at a heavy metal concert in the 1990’s,” KXII reported. Despite Alsbrook’s denials, in 2005 SPLC reported that “Blood & Honour USA’s Texas coordinator Bart Alsbrook” had traveled to Ohio for “Blood and Honour” meetings with “skinhead groups from at least eight states. Cheers.

The neo-Nazi website sells a bunch of racist skinhead garbage from bands like The Klansmen and their album “Hitler Was Right”. KXII also reports that Alsbrook was charged with attempted murder back in the 90s. Alsbrook maintains that the victim misidentified him and the charges were eventually dropped.