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legendary rock band living colour takes on media propaganda in searing new track “program”

August 4, 2017
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After taking an eight-year hiatus following the release their fifth studio album, Vivid, in 2009, Living Colour are back with a bang, and not a moment too soon. The latest single from their new album, Shade (out Sept. 8) reminds us what we’ve been missing all this time. “Program” begins with an interview by the rapper Scarface in which he heralds the band as one of the few featuring Black rockers and changing the game, recalling the tune of their hit-song “Cult of Personality.”

As singer Corey Glover told Loudwire, “Somebody told us, ‘You know, he mentioned you guys.’ And it was like, ‘Really, what did he use?’ Just that inasmuch he said that there are really just this string of rock bands, in his estimation. He’s like, ‘Whatever happened to those guys?’ That’s the question we get all the time. Whatever happened? Like we fell off the face of the Earth and now we’re working at the post office. We’re not. We’re still doing what we do.”

And they are doing it to tremendous effect on “Program”, a seething indictment of media propaganda and social conditioning.

“Back in the day, the news was called a ‘loss leader.’ It wasn’t for profit. News wasn’t made to sell stuff. News was there to be purely informational. That was their public service. That’s all the news was supposed to be, a public service that lets you know what’s going on in and around the world you live in. Not to be an arm of some sort of political ideology,” says Glover. “It wasn’t a place for you to get your talking points out of. It was a place for you to get informational.”

Couldn’t be more timely. Check out the powerful track below!: