here’s a state by state list of confederate monuments that need to go down! :d

August 15, 2017
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While white supremacists worked themselves up into a murderous rage this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, following the announcement of plans to remove Confederate monuments, this has only renewed efforts around the country to get rid of the rest. As reported by NBC, mayors in Lexington, KY; Baltimore, MD and both Jacksonville and Gainesville, FL have already announced plans to move forward with removing rebel symbols in their city.

But this is only the tip of the ice-berg! Below is a list of all the Confederate monuments in the country, pulled from Wikipedia. If you’re white, not saying you should get an early start taking them down, but know that Black and Brown people have more to lose, and check out what’s happening in North Carolina 🙂



In 2017, the presence of six monuments to the Confederacy were praised. These include a monument dedicated to Confederate Civil War veterans in Phoenix, Arizona and a historic plaque near Tucson, Arizona which commemorates the Battle of Picacho Pass.[18]

Monuments in Arizona include:

  • Arizona Confederate Veterans Monument in Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery in Phoenix, erected in 1999 by the Sons of Confederate Veterans[8]
  • Arizona Confederate Veterans Monument in Wesley Bolin Park, next to the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy[8]
  • Confederate Memorial in the Historical Soldiers Memorial Cemetery area of the Southern Arizona Veterans’ Cemetery in Sierra Vista. The monument was erected in 2010 to honor the twenty-one soldiers interred in that cemetery who served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War and later fought in Indian wars in Arizona as members of the U.S. Army.[9]


Star City Confederate Memorial is located on the town square adjacent to Star City Commercial Historic District in Star City. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Individual monuments and memorials

Robert E. Lee Monument in Marianna, the county seat of Lee County

  • Bayou Meto Hornets, Jacksonville
  • Captain Richard Tunball Banks Monument, New Edinburg
  • Children of the Confederacy, Little Rock
  • Confederate Bench, Little Rock
  • Confederate Headquarters, Little Rock
  • Confederate Last Stand, Little Rock
  • Confederate Mothers Memorial, Russellville
  • David O. Dodd Execution Site, Little Rock
  • David O. Dodd Memorial, Little Rock
  • David O. Dodd Memorial, Pine Bluff
  • General John Porter McCown Monument, Magnolia
  • General Robert E. Lee Monument, Marianna
  • General Thomas J. Churchill Memorial, Little Rock
  • General William Read Scurry Memorial, Little Rock
  • Jefferson Davis Memorial, Fort Smith
  • John Sappington Marmaduke, Marmaduke
  • Monument to Confederate Women (or “Mother of the South”), Arkansas State Capitol grounds, Little Rock, Arkansas. Unveiled in 1913. Statue depicts a mother and daughter saying good-bye to their 16-year-old son and brother who is leaving to join his father in the fighting.[19]
  • Record Cave, Dover


  • Confederate Masonic Memorial, Washington
  • Confederate State Capital, Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs
  • CSS Pontchartrain, Little Rock
  • Loss of the Sultana, Marion
  • Sinking of the Sultana, Marion



  • Delaware Confederate Monument, Georgetown, Delaware, unveiled in 2007[10]




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