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the fatphobia aimed at usher accuser quantasia sharpton is astounding

August 8, 2017
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The internet is incredulous over the idea that Usher has had sex with a fat woman. Because The Usher couldn’t possibly want a fat woman because fat women are worthless, right?

I guess(?) this is all part of Usher’s ongoing herpes saga™, a second young woman, Quantasia Sharpton, has come forward with allegations that the famous singer exposed her to herpes without disclosure. And instead of talking about how shitty that is, the ‘net is fixated on the apparent unbelievability of someone sleeping with a fat woman.

Loud mouth misogynist and tranwomxn abuser Lil Duval thought he needed to hammer home the point that society dehumanizes and devalues women it considers to be too fat by tweeting a disrespectful denial of the possibility that a conventionally attractive man could want anyone other than a Victoria Secret model or video girl.

Fat women aren’t your “type”? Fine. But we sure as fuck are for many others. And just because you don’t want to sleep with someone, doesn’t mean you need to disrespect them or treat them like they are less than human.