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director b.b. araya reclaims the experiences of people of color in upcoming film series “we are”

August 9, 2017
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It’s time to reclaim our stories. Navigating through life influenced by the script and lens of society is a pre-established obstacle for many people of color, and, for women of color in particular, this influence can be as debilitating as it is annoying.

The latest project from Austin-based director B.B. Araya, “We Are”, offers a humorous, fresh look at millennial women of color–delving into the hopes, dreams, and coping mechanisms of the modern young women.

A 6-part short film series is set to to premiere in September, “We Are” gives audiences intimate insight into the realities of 7 women as they navigate their 20s. With overall misrepresentation at in an all-time high–between the media, entertainment, and ingrained stereotypes–it’s as important as ever to reverse the narrative of victimhood, while continuing to be allies for little brown girls in a viral era.

“It’s about showing us and all of our layers. It’s about pulling us out of the boxes we’ve been unwillingly placed into.”

We need to see ourselves truthfully reflected and respected on screen. “We Are” strips the burden of expectation, allowing a new Black girl to take the reigns, and a new story to be written.

Check out the trailer for B.B. Araya’s “We Are” below.