new documentary re-centers dark skinned women with 4c hair in the natural hair movement

August 18, 2017
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“The dark skinned woman with 4C hair is reclaiming her place in the natural hair movement.”

And we couldn’t be more here for it!

With the latest project from black enrichment collective LAMBB–Look At My Black Beauty—natural-haired women and girls find a new ally, as a fresh road is paved for black acceptance.

The project–a documentary titled Kinks and Curls | Texture Discrimination in the Natural Hair Community–focuses on dispelling ideas that “certain hair products and styles work for only one specific hair type”, and poses as an introduction to a re-imagined, overdue train of thought. 

Tackling texture discrimination within the black community in general is one thing, but narrowing in on microaggressions within an oppressed groups is a whole other story. In the midst of the “Natural girl” media frenzy taking over the internet, there is a disconnect–natural to some does not represent the whole natural community, and as #goals becomes a more potent and relied-on  title, those adjacent to the experience meet a fall-out.

#Goals has come to mean 3b4a, or, a looser curl standing as an undercover indicate of mixed-race, standing as a perfect example of how European beauty standards still manage to hijack our movements, even from afar.

Though progress is undeniable, there’s still much to be done, and with projects like Kinks and Curls | Texture Discrimination in the Natural Hair Community, any natural girl not seeing themselves in the hashtag can refind their voice. 

Shedding light to beauty all across the curl spectrum, LAMBB hits the mark, planting micro seeds of self-worth and reclamation in the highest. That is activism in its truest form.

Check out LAMMB’s mission here, and watch the full doc below!