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‘chewing gum’ is not coming back for a 3rd season :(

August 22, 2017
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Sad news, Chewing Gum fans! A rep for our beloved Michaela Coel came forward to break it to us gently that Coel isn’t working on a 3rd season of her cult comedy Chewing Gum and, in fact, the project probably won’t be back at all.

“Michaela is not currently writing a third series of Chewing Gum as she is focussing on some other projects,” the rep said, “but is not closing the door to the possibility in the future.”

Boo!!! Chewing Gum’s network, Channel 4, echoes are sentiments and said in a statement that they “hope to work with the hugely talented Michaela Coel again soon”. Tear. Same.