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black sex workers visibility project’s photo series & movie promote healing, free expression

August 23, 2017
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Understanding that a feminism which doesn’t support sex workers isn’t really feminism, jodi quaintrelle created the Black Sex Workers Visibility Project to promote “the interruption of violence through the canons of critical visibility, indigenous healing practices, and creative transformation.”

For the project, quaintrelle teamed up with filmmaker and photographer jeri hilt from Atchafalaya Fox Productions, following hilt’s previous attempts at changing oppressive social narratives in the short film, Supremacy, as well as with the photo series, Cat Out the Bag. Together, the two developed both the short film and photo series featuring quaintrelle that make up the┬áBlack Sex Workers Visibility Project, hoping to create spaces of healing for Black sex workers.

“The film is an experiential docudrama centering authentic, radically free expressions of the unquantifiable soul,” explains hilt.

“Navigating the physical world in black bodies, and interfacing through feminine and non-binary expressions, the film centers the highest manifestation of ‘self’ on this plane, doing their most sacred work.”

Check out the trailer for the docuseries and some of the photos from the project below!