black entrepreneur launches “switch fresh” replaceable deodorant, reducing plastic waste by 96 percent

August 9, 2017
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Buying a plastic bottle that isn’t biodegradable nor completely full to begin with, then throwing it in the trash each month probably isn’t the greatest thing for the environment. That’s why Chicago native Antoine Wade launched an Indiegogo campaign for Switch Fresh, a personalizable deodorant with refillable cartridges. In comparison to other products, Switch Fresh could eliminate plastic waste by up to 96%!

According to the Indiegogo: “Switch Fresh is the first replaceable deodorant that reduces plastic waste & inspires individuality with unisex scents and personalized designs. This patented deodorant bottle utilizes replaceable deodorant cartridges & reduces the amount of disposable waste by 96% compared to traditional deodorant bottles. Our unique design is an eco-friendly alternative to the 800 deodorant bottles the average person disposes of in their lifetime.” The campaign has already reached over $4,000 of its $40,000 fundraising goal.

Saving the planet never smelled so good!