afropunk through the years by photographer roger kisby

August 1, 2017
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Over the years, the AFROPUNK brand has grown from an underground scene to a universal platform of black expression and empowerment. Artists and attendees from all walks of life travel to the festival grounds for the 48-hour party and healing experience AFROPUNK has become.

The festival evolves with the times, and as styles, politics, music, and entertainment as a whole shift, so does the vibe of the gathering.

Thanks to photographers like Roger Kisby, these shifts are immortalized, and we are able to look back at AP’s past as we plan its future.

As Kisby captures the fashions and attitudes of both performers and festival-goers, the true nature and history of AFROPUNK is preserved, and left for continuous reference and reminiscence.

The striking portraits are a work of art, almost as beautiful as the beautiful subjects they display.

Check out some of Roger Kisby’s portrayal AP through the years below! And don’t miss AP Brooklyn in just 25 days!