will the blue lives matter crew rally around mohammed noor, the black cop who killed justine damond?

July 19, 2017
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Last weekend, Minneapolis cop Mohamed Noor shot and killed Australian-born Justine Damond who had called the police to report what she believed was a possible assault taking place on her street. Damond, dressed in her pajamas, approached the police vehicle when it arrived around 11:30 PM on Sunday night, where she spoke with Officer Matthew Harrity, Noor’s partner, through the driver’s window. Upon hearing what officers described as a “loud sound”, Noor drew and fired his weapon, hitting Damond in the abdomen.

Interestingly enough, you might notice that there are no outraged white people shouting “Blue Lives Matter” in the wake of Justine’s murder. No GoFundMe’s. No White folks eagerly jumping to the defense of Noor and the system that allows police to get away with killing innocent people. So far, it seems, that the only commentary coming from the alt-right seems to be a call to end “diversity hires” instead.

Apparently, cops are only defended and rewarded when they kill unarmed black children.

Justine Damond, who was a yoga teacher and motivational speaker who was critical of America’s lenient gun laws, is just another victim of police violence where police fright will be used to justify the most irrational of responses. While Justine is not a victim of the part of the system that pre-emptively criminalizes and dehumanizes black people, she is the victim of Shoot To Kill First, Think Later culture that has enabled cops to believe that blindly firing at civilians is an option.