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tyler, the creator maybe, possibly comes out in leaked album

July 10, 2017

After announcing the July 21st release date for his newest album, ‘Scum Fuck Flower Boy’, Tyler, The Creator fans woke up to reports that the album had in fact leaked early. The 14-track release features Khali Uchis, Estelle, Roy Ayers, Lil Wayne, Jaden Smith and more.

But fans across Twitter were quickly drawn to a series of lyrics on several tracks that could be interpreted as Tyler coming out. With lyrics like, “I been kissing white boys since 2004” on “I Ain’t Got Time”. And on “Garden Shed”, his collaboration with Estelle, Tyler raps, “That was real love I was in, Ain’t no reason to pretend” before spitting “All my friends was lost / They couldn’t read the signs / I didn’t want to talk / I tell ’em my location and they ain’t want to walk,” appearing to be out his struggle to come to terms with his sexuality.

This isn’t the first time Tyler has been open about his sexuality–or toyed with the idea that he is into men—in 2015 tweeting:

‘Scum Fuck Flower Boy’ will be on sale July 21.
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