south african exhibit declaring “f*ck white people” deemed acceptably unracist by officials

July 7, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: South Africa declares… “F*ck White People”!!! Or at least f*ck efforts to quell protest art exposing the historical nature of their influence.

Earlier in the year, the ever-present Cape Party rose charges against the Cape Town-based Iziko South African National Gallery, for an exhibit they found less-than-savory. South African native Dean Hutton sent white South Africans- and in particular the cape party- into a defensive spiral with the opening of their latest exhibit The Art of Disruption, in which they featured a collection of posters bearing the dreaded phrase: “F*ck White People”.

The genderqueer, frequently controversial artist who also happens to be *plot twist* white themselves, consistently aims to use their privilege as a catalyst for change- and preceded the exhibit sporting the slogan on a custom suit, adding the cherry atop a perfectly crafted sundae.

This past Tuesday, the issue reached its precipice as Magistrate Daniel Thulare shocked the masses by declaring the exhibit neither racist NOR hate speech… “For reasons I have already given, in my understanding of Hutton, I am unable to find that what they said amounts to advocacy of hatred of for White South Africans based on their race, which hatred constitutes incitement to cause harm“. Given the long record of oppression and systemic racism still present in South African society, the wants and needs of the Cape Party- at least in this circumstance- do not speak for the majority. The way the party advocated their “victimhood” only justifies the point of the exhibit as a whole.

In Hutton’s own words: “what we must strive for is complete dismantling of the systems of power that keep white people racist

So… my condolences to the party, but the people take this one- and as the domination of protest art and political cooperation increases, hopefully the message will spark reflection in other oppressors feeling “attacked”.



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