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photo series portrays the perspective of female sexual assault survivors (tw: assault)

July 26, 2017
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TW: sexual assault, violence, trauma

F.E.A.R is a powerful photo series by Kat Scott, Dope Print, and photographer Mike Harris that attempts to capture the psychological terror and post-traumatic stress felt by victims of sexual assault. The visceral project is disturbing, to be sure, in its straightforward depiction of physical aggression and the fear portrayed by Scott. On Instagram, she shared a painful re-telling of a brutal attack she had experienced days prior to the shoot. While these images are shockingly in their implied violence, Scott reclaims part of her experience to raise greater awareness of assault.

F.E.A.R. The crack of their fists echoes throughout the universe At least to me It split my world apart Shattered it in two Three A thousand pieces But that never mattered to y’all, did it? They surrounded my whole soul I was choking And scrabbling against their chest Pushing them away Don’t touch me! But they never even heard Over the sound of their satisfaction I was at their feet That was all that ever mattered They shattered my soul under their heels And they laughed Because the sound of my tears was a joke Some great Wonderful Punchline They were proud of the bruises they left They marked me as theirs The fact that I’m no object Never registered Their words Flooding around me Like an unforgiving ocean Soaking me to the core Catching every fiber of my being Dragging me under And I struggle to breathe I was commanded to swim Until I couldn’t swim any longer… I fight within to know there is life after F.E.A.R… to be continued P.S. this was shot a few days after the foul happening- that is why you see bruises.

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