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real-life slavery reenactments are the hot new trend! (says white guy) #satire

July 25, 2017
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By Jaz Joyner /Quntfront*, AFROPUNK contributor 

Monday, Joe, fun-loving white guy of Hollywood, teamed up with culture creators across the United States to start the first ever, real-life slavery reenactments. The live, 24/7 production will be produced by HBO and will be a re-imagining of American slavery with full-time actors. In honor of old times, black actors will be paid in exposure.

According to Joe, the reenactment will be ‘as true to form’ as possible ‘within reason’. The producer noticed that slave re-enactments have existed in America before, but never as accurate or as well produced. Joe’s team revealed a few highlights from the production, including historically accurate slave/master interactions, realistic whips, and constant use of the N-word. When asked the inspiration for such a show, the appeal seems to be the innovation of such a concept.

“I feel like that was such a bizarre time, you know? I think people today forget slavery ever happened so watching it live, how it really went down, will inspire a lot of people to be like, ‘Wow, that really happened.’” Joe marveled.

Joe and his team of brilliant white guys and a few respectable black friends have been working on the life-like slavery production for several years now and were very clear about their excitement. When presenting the idea to investors, many were quick to jump on board. However, Joe’s former co-worker, Leah, a black woman producer, explained her confusion and discomfort with the idea,

“I keep saying the school to prison pipeline is modern-day slavery but ya’ll don’t hear me though. I keep say—”

Unfortunately, the last of Leah’s statement was cut off by Joe who explained he could do a lot better at talking about this issue,

“Yeah, I totally get where Leah’s coming from. But honestly, I’m a little hurt she’d assume we’re going to do anything bad with this production. This is really what America needs, and I’d like to think I’m doing a service. If she’s interested I’ve got a spot for her on our acting team. Always looking for new black talent!”

Joe is planning to launch his real-life slavery production as soon as he’s able to ‘lock down’ the right actors for the role.

*This post is in partnership with Quntfront