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“queen sugar” actor brian michael smith comes out as transgender

July 17, 2017
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Brian Michael Smith has been acting in Hollywood for about 6-years where he has typically portrayed cisgender male characters. But in his latest appearance on Ava DuVernay’s critically acclaimed “Queen Sugar” as a friend of principle character, Ralph Angel, Smith took the experience to make it known that he has more in common with transgender police officer Toine Wilkins than many in the business knew. “In my personal life I felt a little bit more complete and accepting of my entire experience, and I wanted to do the same thing in my work,” Smith told NBC Out contributor and transgender advocate Tiq Milan.

“I started training professionally about six years ago, really learning the craft and being really dedicated to making a profession out of my desire to act, and I feel like this is one of the first roles that is really hitting my interests as an artist and as a person,” Smith says.
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Photo by Ben Esner