publishing company aims to spark a manga movement in africa

July 7, 2017

Chonchon Media publishes stories and other media based on African culture. Created by Yambo Okoth, the company consists of storytellers and illustrators who recognize the magical ability of African folklore to connect us with our past as much as the future. Chonchon lists it’s goals as to: 1. Spark a Manga Movement out of Africa, 2. Give Africans heroes they can relate to, 3. Start a conversation about Africa and unity, and 4. Change the Portrayal of Africans in Media to match what we know about ourselves.

Their flagship manga series, Veneration Z, is the first in a series of works and follows six ancient tribes amidst a chaotic civil war. You can read Veneration Z for free on their website now!

Find out more about Chonchon’s vision in this blog post.

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