london dj narx shares a synthesized gift with debut ep ‘pink & blu’

July 24, 2017

The latest contribution from AFROPUNK alum/acclaimed songstress NAO comes in the form of London-based DJ and musician NARX and his debut EP ‘Pink & Blu’–and we couldn’t be more hype!

When true artists join forces, it makes nothing but magic, and thanks to NAO’s budding label Little Tokyo Recordings, NARX has a powerful platform from which to share his artistry.

The fresh DJ-turned-solo artist is no stranger to the London music scene, and through his presence at Visions and appearances on NTS Radio, the musician’s latest project is greeted with warm familiarity and anticipation.

‘Pink & Blu’ itself is a refreshing window into the world of synthesized exploration and musical insight. The 3-track offering is the remedy to lethargy as bump-worthy tracks ‘Pink & Blu’ and ‘Opals’ sandwich my personal favorite ‘Only for You’ in a chilling ode to night life. The frequent interludes take listeners for a ride, allowing for both a blissful escape and an endlessly engaged experience. Thank you to NARX for expanding his gifts, and to NAO for providing the extra tools for his recognition!

Check out NARX’s debut EP ‘Pink & Blu’ below.