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“ironheart” fan-film brings marvel’s riri williams’ story to the screen

July 26, 2017
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When Marvel announced Riri Williams as the latest to take on Iron Man’s legacy as Ironheart, Black girl comic fans everywhere rejoiced. Riri was revealed as a dark skinned girl with a full head of natural hair, taking on universe villains with the best of the superheroes. With the Iron Man movies doing so well, many hoped she would eventually make it onto the big screen.

Wait no longer! Production company NaturNaL is producing a non-profit fan film based on Riri Williams, tackling her origin story. As readers of the comics might know, Riri is a 15-year-old engineering student with genius-level intellect who started attending M.I.T. on scholarship. Using materials stolen from campus Riri designs a suit of armor similar to that of a famous Avenger.

“Being able to make fan films like this enables awareness of a character that not many know about,” says producer Shani Drake. “There are young women out there who don’t read or follow comics, but they do watch movies and television in search of heroes they can relate to. Riri Williams/IronHeart will be one of them.”

Check out the teaser trailer below!: