fashion label fred perry shares ap london portraits and another side to subculture fashion

July 26, 2017
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Each year what it means to be “Afropunk” coincides with both the designers of the time and the trends festival goers work to set. Thanks to contributions from our partners at Fred Perry, and photography from Ellen Offredy, we get a close-up view of low-key festival fashion, and the outlook behind it. Check it out below!

“To me, punk means finding the recipe that makes you truly you, whatever the flavour. Being unapologetic, colourful and fearless” -Magdalene
“Punk is unapologetic” -Tia
“Punk means freedom and individuality”- Don
“Punk to me means being unapologetic”- Nadine
‘Punk to me is freedom, playing the music you want’ Mikaiah of @thebotsla
“Punk is the expression of music and fashion in a sometimes aggressive, flamboyant and
carefree manner” Ayeshah
‘Punk to me is relentless freedom’- Ayishat


“Punk to me is a lifestyle that’s often lived through music and other arts”- Shaquille-Aaron
‘Punk is being unapologetically you’ -Ayesha
‘To be punk is to be free, to express yourself’- Aggy