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check out the first image of donald glover in the new ‘han solo’ star wars movie

July 20, 2017
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Thus far, Lucasfilm’s Star Wars reboots have been exactly what we needed, fleshing out the galactic world of the series and adding necessary diversity. So we have all been holding our breaths for the upcoming Han Solo-centered film, especially after Atlanta creator and star Donald Glover was cast as young Lando Calrissian.

Photo via Hollywood Reporter

But when co-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were dismissed halfway through filming, our fears spiked. Then academy award winner Ron Howard stepped up to the plate and allayed our fears, and has been sharing updates from the film on his social media accounts, bringing our excitement back to its heights. What a whirlwind!

On Tuesday, Howard shared a first look at Glover in a cool ass yellow jacket. “Lining up a shot today from my director’s monitor,” Howard captioned the photo. We can’t wait!

lining up a shot today from my director’s monitor

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