artist lauren o. ulieme inspires with impressive digital portraits

July 24, 2017

In the eyes of 22-year old illustrator Lauren O. Ulieme: art = the opportunity to open eyes and create change. What better way to do this than by reclaiming the black body through her own personal view? I can’t think of any, and neither will her viewers as they absorb her portraits from a fresh, digitized perspective.

The Nigerian-American creative- widely known as the Unorthodox Fox– is not just another digital artist, as her work transcends the boundaries of mainstream, and her precise use of color, detail and texture give the subjects an almost ethereal glow. Ulieme’s art illuminates the modern black agenda, while allowing our influence to further permeate every medium.

The more artists preserve us, the more the media accepts us, and thanks to makers like Lauren O. Ulieme, we come closer to dominating the social and pop-culture worlds -more than we already do- just saying.

Check out some of her stunning work below!