afropunk london artists answer: what is “unapologetically black”?

July 14, 2017

What does being unapologetically Black mean to you? For some, it’s not giving a fuck what others think about how we as Black people present ourselves. For others, it’s about surrounding yourself with representations of Blackness. For most, it’s rooted in a necessary and vast love for Blackness and Black people that cannot be reduced to one thing. So ahead of AFROPUNK London 2017, we asked festival performers and artists what “unapologetically Black” means to them, and compiled a short video of all of their powerful answers.

Featuring DJs Snoochie Shy, Nadine Davis, and Adelaide Lawson & Chika Wilson (Born N Bread); fashion designers Meme Gold and Cyprian Decoteau; photographer Tia Simon-Campbell; Naomi Nekesa (Music Projects at British Council); and musician Chardine Taylor-Stone, check it out below!:

AFROPUNK London takes place on July 22-23. Get your tickets here!