video premiere: uk soul singer decosta boyce throws his cares away in joyful video for “places i’ve made”

June 13, 2017

Born in Stevenage and brought up by his music-loving single mum, soul singer Decosta Boyce was raised on a diet of music greats such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. These influences are especially evident in the artist’s music today, with hints of Prince, Parliament, Sly & The Family Stone and D’Angelo fleshing out his distinctive style.

Currently touring with the British-American soul band Heatwave, the singer is now set to release his second studio album, “Electrick Soul” (out August 18th), a breezy, funkadelic project that is right on time for the summer. Ahead of it’s release, Boyce is giving fan a taste of what the album has to offer in the video for his single, “Places I’ve Made”, an anthem for the carefree made up of scenes he shot from trips he took to the Philippines and a London embankment.

“The song is just about finding/getting away to that place that makes you happy or feel most peaceful (physically or mentally),” Boyce explains. “With all the negativity in a lot of music, people, and the world right now I just thought there needs to be a nice positive song about getting away from any problems, people etc. I love my own space and in a world where everyone is so accessible through phones & social media it is hard to just cut everyone off for a moment with no repercussions – The vision for the video was to reflect each scene from the lyrics and have fun with it”

Check out the buoyant video below!:

Photo credit: Darren Pedlar

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