street art project paints positive inspiration for south african youths away from cycles of violence and abuse

June 23, 2017

#HealOurHome is a street art project created by South African visual artist Imraan Christian, aimed at uplifting the young people of the community in the face of an intense increase in gang and domestic violence. Using photographs Imaraan shot with kids from the Harvest Youth Program in Hangberg, he transformed the images them into murals. The HYP is a visual and performing arts center for young people who have been affected by gang related violence. The supportive empowerment group fosters kids to use the arts as an outlet for creative expression and out of the cycles of violence and abuse.

Armed with cameras, video equipment, guitars and other instruments, the mural offer a positive alternative image of what’s possible for these young people. Their symbolic poses and superhero-like face paint, a siren call of curiosity to a generation of kids ready to break free.

Photos, Make-Up and Art Direction by Imraan Christian
Assisted by Peter Michaels Parker and Waseem Noordien
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