soweto black metal band demogoroth satanum defies cultural stereotypes in south africa

June 6, 2017

Demogoroth Satanum is a Soweto, South Africa metal band that’s breaking down barriers in the SA music scene with their bombastic, but controversial sound. In Soweto, hardcore and metal are still seen as negative, black locals associate the harshness of the sound and visceral imagery with Satanism, while white folks in the musician scene are less than enthusiastic about welcoming a Black metal band. Apartheid had so many devastating effects on the disenfranchised black populations of South Africa. The physical isolation and confinement to townships like Soweto often narrowed black folks exposure to arts and culture considered to be or that was appropriated by white people, like hardcore rock music. Sitting down with UPROXX, Demogoroth Satanum in a recent interview, the band members, and locals talk about how the band is expanding the consciousness of and possibilities for people in the community.

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Photo via Facebook