sibling pop-rockers the sledge grits band promote female empowerment with an infectious, high-energy sound

June 13, 2017

Loving the music of SoCal-based teenage rock band The Sledge Grits Band. Formed by sisters Keiko (guitarist/songwriter) 22, Ella (bassist) 20, Mimi (lead vocals) 17, and bo-Pah (drummer) 15 and armed with the first official band endorsement Daisy Rock Guitars has ever made, the Florida-born siblings are using their talent and shared love of pop-rock music to express messages of sisterhood and female empowerment in a male-dominated genre. “My sisters and I luckily are very close,” Mimi told VIBE. “Our sisterhood has shown me how to always support and empower other girls no matter what—especially girls in music—and they’ve shown me how to be a strong woman as I grow up. “Am What I Am” is a song with a lot of energy and a strong message, and of course you have to keep that in mind while recording it or it won’t come through as authentic. I tried to have fun with it and I always think about the words of the song while I sing. I think that’s very important.”

Watch The Sledge Grits Band’s music video performance of their single ”Am What I Am”, below!

Forever by The Sledge Grits Band on VEVO. >

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