salvador-based la frida bike project combines biking and art to empower black women to have healthier lifestyles

June 23, 2017

La Frida is a project created by self-proclaimed Black “cycloativistis.” The project unites biking and street art to encourage urban mobility among Black women by amplifying their voices and encouraging them to occupy more spaces in public life. The project teaches women and girls to ride bikes while creating a “moving home” for them to express and share art and poetry. Paying particular attention to the way racism and sexism impede Black women from positive interpersonal interactions, the intent is to stimulate connection between women and make cities more human by promoting the use of bikes instead of automobiles.

La Frida also operates book shops and runs poetic creation workshops, and works to install free bike racks in public schools and universities as a way to promote bikes as a nicer way of transportation in students’, teachers’ and employees’ everyday lives. “We believe that mobility can be less damaging to the planet and even contribute to cities development as bikes are an ecological way of moving around,” La Frida explains in an email.

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