premiere: canadian indie rock band the dears get vulnerable in raw new single “all the hail marys”

June 1, 2017

Following the critically acclaimed release of Times Infinity Volume One in 2015 after a four year hiatus, Montreal-based The Dears are back with a new single “All The Hail Marys”. The husband and wife fronted indie rock band take their signature introspection and raw lyricism to new heights on the moody track, with lyrics like “Fuck the pain, fuck the pain, and the suffering, away.”

“I always wanted this to be the first thing anyone heard from The Dears in a long time. […] This is easily one my fave D’s tracks of all time, maybe in the top ten,” Dears frontman Murray Lightburn explains of the track. “Lyrically, I think we all feel a little hopeless at times and somewhat swallowed by the daily pressures of life. Something I started doing recently is asking myself, ‘What would 30-year-old Murray do?’ Then I’ll usually do the opposite (laughs). The past helps me to reconcile the present and subsequently shape the future.”

“All the Hail Marys” will appear on Times Infinity Volume Two out July 14. Check out the reflective track below!:

Photo by Richmond Lam