now streaming: afropunk mixtape #030: underdogs and misfits

June 12, 2017

NOW STREAMING—AFROPUNK Mixtape #030: Underdogs and Misfits, a collection of songs about resistance by the unheard and marginalized voices of artists who refuse to let the bastards get them down, despite the power of inequality that’s working against us. AFROPUNK Mixtape #030: Underdog and Misfits features powerful music by Benjamin Booker, Downtown Boys, Rukhsana Merrise, Kwaye, Ho99o9, Junior Astronomers, Blame The Youth, and more. With special interludes by Benjamin Booker, RuPaul, and Bill Withers.

Stream the mixtape, below, and over at Soundcloud.

01. Intro: Downtown Boys Interview (August 2016)
02: Downtown Boys – A Wall
03. Rukhsana Merrise – Money
04. Benjamin Booker – Believe
05. Kwaye – Little Ones
06. Blame The Youth – Abaca
07. Soulvember – Black Power
08. Interlude: Benjamin Booker Interview (June 2014)
09. Ho99o9 – War Is Hell
10. Interview: Rupaul Interview (1983)
11. Freshlyground – Banana Republic
12. Aubergine Machine – Only
13. Louis VI – More Water More Life
14. Junior Astronomers – Laid Out
15. Interlude: Bill Withers Interview (September 2015)
16. Sidewalk Chalk – A Suite For Black Lives

Cover artwork by James Emmerman taken at AFROPUNK Brooklyn