new sci-fi series tackles racism and sexism through an all-knowing 9-year-old black girl protagonist

June 7, 2017
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What would you do about oppressive systems if you knew everything about them? “Little Apple”, a new series by Riley Wilson asks just that, delving into the mind of an omniscient 9-year-old Harlemnite named Apple. Blending sci-fi, drama, and comedy, the series follows Apple as she develops “claircognizance,” similar to clairvoyance, and must decide whether or not to take a stance as she becomes increasingly aware of racism, sexism, and gentrification.

From the series’ Kickstarter:

Apple now has the ability to know things beyond her means and age. Her father MATTHEW, a mid 30s university professor, is obsessed with her rapidly growing intellect and confidence, eager to engage her intellectually. Her mother CHARLENE, an early 30’s registered nurse and the backbone of the house, is more concerned about Apple’s equally growing impudence towards authority.

Apple is developing claircognizance (all-knowing) abilities very quickly. With her newfound consciousness and knowledge comes a decision: assimilate and accept the world as is or use her abilities to speak up.

The series stars Milan Williams, whose commanding presence in the Kickstarter video makes us all the more excited for the project, and is co-produced by Lisa Cortés (Precious). In order for this #BlackGirlMagic vision to be realized, however, the team is raising $15,000 for the show’s production by June 24. Click here to contribute for a range of rewards, including this limited edition “Little Apple” comic: