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new music: south african soul/punk-rock singer tuelo gives an powerful tribute to mothers in “saint margaret”

June 26, 2017

New York-based, South Africa-born Tuelo fuses soul and punk-rock to create what has been dubbed “revival music,” an inspiring and spiritual experience carried by the singer’s powerhouse vocals that have filled some venues like Carnegie Hall and Late Night with David Letterman. Although Tuelo has been noticeably influenced by the likes of Nina Simone, David Bowie, the Sex Pistols, Blondie, and Miriam Makeba, her biggest influence is the subject of her latest single, “Saint Margaret”.

The track is an homage to Tuelo’s mother, Seabi, whose “English” name is Margaret. Though Tuelo’s mother has yet to hear her sing or perform since the artist left South Africa, Tuelo credits her mother for the love of people, environment, tradition, culture, words and learning and spirituality that is present throughout all of her music. The song touches upon the larger than life position her mother occupied for Tuelo, who says that if someone had told her as a child that her mother was God, she would have “been a believer a long time ago.”

Check out the moving track below!:

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